First Sight

Most believe that any decision must be viewed through a combination of cognitive and physical perceptions in order to determine a correct choice. For me, on a sunny but cold March 6th, 2013, a life-changing decision began to take shape with only the use of one physical sense – sight.

“Everyone, this is Cathreen. She’s our new administrator,” Sam announced. This garnered the attention of several staff, mimicking gophers as they peered over their cubicle walls.

Peeling away from an email that was sent to me, I quickly adjusted my blue dress shirt to look less wrinkly and looked over to spot her standing center of the Customer Care department. There she was, the supposed ‘newbie’ that I had been hearing about for days from Sam. Attractive women always caused my heart to beat faster and face to flush. It was a rush seeing her, she may have been one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen.

“So, over here is Clint, we call him Paige. He’s who you’ll probably be working with the most, helping him out.” He continued to spout First-Day nonsense but I was hardly listening anyway.

While Sam rambled on a little more about workloads, I took stock of Cathreen’s immediately visible qualities with a speed that hopefully kept my curiosity under the radar. Darting my eyes down, it was easy to see a silhouette of her legs that were hidden under a clingy black dress pants, and full hips that held my attention longer than appropriate, given the situation. The most beautiful hourglass figure, envied by so many women, could be seen under Cathreen’s white shirt which was topped with long, cascading black hair, flowing over her shoulders.

“Hey.” I said as her perfectly crafted eyes warmly fixated on my own.

“Hi.” Cathreen replied with a smile.

Oh, that smile – it was shimmering with perfect teeth, incredibly full lips, and high cheeks that melted my soul. This sight caused an involuntary smile of my own to develop.

“Sounds like I am in charge of showing you the lunch room, we can go down at twelve thirty. Is that okay?” This was something our manager had asked me to do the day before.

“That works,” she chuckled, “I don’t really know what to do yet around here, anyway.”

Her laugh made my smile grow larger. “Okay, well the food’s not too bad down there. Anyway, have fun meeting the rest of us.”

Sam moved on with the remainder of the department introductions and yet I could have sworn her stare lingered on mine for a moment longer than necessary. Leanne was next in the line of cubicles to be introduced to Cathreen while I did my best to look as if my work was the focus once again. I rubbed my cheeks, they felt sore from the smile I couldn’t wipe away.

Of all the logical reasons to not fall in love at first sight, my body had betrayed me by giving signs that it had happened anyway. The butterflies in my stomach, the sweat, the longing stares. All I wanted was more time with her to explore these thoughts.

Many men had seen her smile and they too had fallen in love with Cathreen because of it. I just consider myself the luckiest of them all that, through her own combination of cognitive and physical perceptions, she saw something in me that was worth smiling for. Whatever the reason was, I knew that it would be my goal that day, week, or even year to see it again and again.

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