As a bit of a companion to the series I just wrapped up, I wanted to touch on poetry in general as it can come in many different lengths. For now, I'm addressing it in a single entry as I don't play in the poetry sandbox all that often. Off the hop, let me say... Continue Reading →

Story Lengths – Novel

To conclude this mini-series, today's entry is on the novel! To the world at large, this length is quintessential storytelling. For myself, I've held to the word count of novels as anything 40,000 words and up. These can also get long, real long! War and Peace, for example, clocks in north of 500,000 words and... Continue Reading →

Story Lengths – Novella

Next up in this mini-series is my personal favourite to read - the novella length! So here's where lines start to become very blurred, word count wise. A general consensus amongst many sources would say novellas are roughly 10,000 to 40,000 words but I've seen all manners of numbers cited. "Wait Chris, what's between a... Continue Reading →

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