Garbage Day

Fiction (SF/F) | Published by 365 Tomorrows on 1/19/2021

A daughter accompanies her father in cleaning up their street after an apocalyptic event.

This piece of flash fiction (only 550 words) grew from time spent with my daughter during our various lockdowns and quarantines. I wrote it in between several other short stories and, while it doesn’t carry a strong plot, the imagery of it all was really a blast to describe.

Young One

Fiction (SF/F) | Published by Vaughan Street Doubles on 1/1/2020

The burgeoning relationship between Earth and Artificial Intelligence has ominous implications on humanity.

For such a short story, it went through so many drafts! This one builds off many themes I’ve toyed with in the past few years, some of which you can see in my other published work. I also challenged myself to be more experimental with who my main character was.

Deliver the Message

Fiction (SF/F) | Published by Asymmetry Fiction on 8/19/2019

A man’s usual commute home through the Sonoran Desert is interrupted by strange visitors. They have a message for his son.

This was a joy to write, having been inspired by the Block Buster podcast, and always wanting to dabble in more speculative fiction. There’s plenty of my geeky side on display with this one.

Beyond the Bay

Fiction (Supernatural) | Published by SERIAL Magazine in Issue 12 on 8/17/2019

A dead man finds himself in a new world with lurking danger.

At over 5,000 words, this story was truly an exercise in discovery for me. What it was supposed to be, how long it should be, and who we’d meet along the way? I had no clue when starting it. Ultimately, it’s become one of my proudest works to date, and hopefully one that people enjoy.

The Drive Home

Fiction (General) | Published by STORGY on 8/5/2019

On the drive home from a camping weekend, Zack’s secret begins to manifest itself in unexpected ways to his girlfriend, Tiffany.

Personally, I love that this story found a home on a great site like STORGY. Visit them for more stellar content!

First Sight

Creative Non-Fiction | Self-published on 11/14/2018

About: I write a lot of material for my wife! At her request, I’ve made one available for the public. This is a flash length creative non-fiction story on our first encounter. Names within have been changed for privacy.


Fiction (SF/F) | Published by Ash Tales on 10/28/2018

Set in a post-apocalyptic Alaska, law enforcement struggles with keeping an old enemy from rising once again.

This short story was tons of fun for me to write and I’m glad the amazing site, Ash Tales, picked it up for publishing.

Crystal Palace

Fiction (Historical / General) | Self-published on 9/26/2018

This is a short story that I wrote some time ago, based on a building I’ve visited many times as a kid. While the character of Lloyd is fiction, all other details within are based on historical fact. Despite likely not having ever visited yourself, hopefully its still an enjoyable read!

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