A Published Story and new URL

Breaking tradition from my weekly posts with two site updates. The first is that Osprey, a post-apocalyptic short story, has been published at Ash Tales! It is truly gratifying to see some of my work on a site that I've been reading for a little while now. There is a great collection of work on... Continue Reading →

Story Lengths – Short

For this week's entry of the story length mini-series, I'll be touching on my experience with short stories! This length is very popular for quite a few reasons. First off, they have so much flexibility to them. With a 1000 - 6000 word count range for most publishers, the possibilities are endless as to what... Continue Reading →

Story Lengths – Flash

Since it's been fun (while hopefully not too boring) for me to provide thoughts on the many aspects of creative writing, I thought I'd attempt story lengths next. This mini-series will describe the word count of each category that I adhere to when completing a story. As well, I'll take some time to describe how... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

After providing some thoughts on inspiration last week, it felt was only natural to touch on the essential opposite this week. Writer's block has definitely been the subject of a thousand blog posts by others in the past so I won't be providing any revelatory redefinition of it here. The way I've always viewed writer's... Continue Reading →


In talking with other writers, inspiration and ideas for stories seems to be a rather intimidating thing. There always seems to be a reverence for that person who says that it came them in their sleep or that they were just compelled to spill out 10,000 words in a single sitting. Its the part of... Continue Reading →

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