In talking with other writers, inspiration and ideas for stories seems to be a rather intimidating thing. There always seems to be a reverence for that person who says that it came them in their sleep or that they were just compelled to spill out 10,000 words in a single sitting. Its the part of writing that can’t be taught and almost just as impossible to force.

For me, inspiration comes in spurts and has definitely evolved over time. I’ll split this into my younger self and older self in order to illustrate this gradual change.

Younger Self – When I was in grade school, really up to after high school, it was all about vivid imagination. Ghost, monsters, spaceships, time travel. All the stories that thrived in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy were (are) my jam! The reason why I wanted to even write in the first place was to weave my own stories that resembled the ones I saw on TV and in movies.

Older Self – Experience has been the most key ingredient to be infused with my stories lately. While I still tend to incorporate many supernatural elements into my work, the adage of ‘write what you know’ comes to mind as I’ve definitely learned that’s what makes a piece feel more visceral. Work, romance, family, travel, feelings – they all factor in, now that I have some years behind me. Even my appendectomy has been the driving force behind a body horror story that I’m working on as those fears and feelings can now be drawn upon.

I have a few new pieces on the go while waiting to hear back on some existing ones. Plenty of inspiration is required but I count myself lucky that, for now, I have enough to keep going.

Keep turning the page,


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