Litmag Spotlight – After Dinner Conversation

Have you ever come across a short story that just begs for further discussion? How about a whole series of them? I've written before about story types and endings before in previous posts. Some wrap themselves up nicely, resolving the central conflict and conveying any intended themes. They can still be impactful but tend to … Continue reading Litmag Spotlight – After Dinner Conversation

Modern Day Struggles with “Death of The Author”

At some point, this story just started writing itself!Every writer ever In 1967, literary critic Roland Barthes wrote an essay in his native French language on the concept of separating text from that whoever it was that penned it. He dubbed it Death of The Author, looking to create a more objective study of written … Continue reading Modern Day Struggles with “Death of The Author”

A Review – American War

"Come now," said Yousef. "Everyone fights an American war."American War, Omar El Akkad I purchased this novel, American War, recently while waiting to fly out from Toronto to Calgary after finding myself with a couple of hours. The wait happens sometimes, being someone who's afraid to get caught up in some unexpected security line. This … Continue reading A Review – American War

Story Types – Idea

The last time I blogged about Orson Scott Card's 4 story types, it was all about Milieu structures. Exploring strange worlds. This week is focused on idea stories! Idea stories are all about characters' quests to answer questions presented at the forefront of the story. Their investigation, or discoveries, fuel the narrative. Usually, the protagonists … Continue reading Story Types – Idea