Publishing Update – The Bone Machine

Readers, I’m excited to let you know that my short story, The Bone Machine, has been published in digital and audio formats on White Enso, under their Kaidankai Podcast series.

The Bone Machine is the story of a boy, Joseph, who just wants the world around him to feel normal again. But, when he begins to be visited by the eponymous bone machine, his troubles are only just beginning.

This one… took a while. Aside from being very long for a short story, over 5k words, the actual content within is more sensitive than what I usually write about. The ‘bones’ of this story had existed in a file for several years but, with every new draft, its tone and themes would move around. Above all else, I didn’t want to get this wrong, it was important to me that Joseph’s afflictions were grounded in a way to respect others going through the same. Ultimately, it was a rewarding experience to build something that pushed the envelope and didn’t reside firmly in any one genre. This also is the first story I’ve ever had published to audio!

White Enso is an online literary journal that is released quarterly and specializes work that’s inspired by Japan. Their team is head up by the fantastic Linda Gould, someone who has genuine passion for curating collections of eerie and beautiful stories. The Kaidankai Podcast runs parallel to the journal, focusing more on ghost stories specifically. Each story is turned into an audio episode, and all laid out in writing. Check them out!

To read or listen on their website, click HERE

You can also find the Kaidankai podcast on Amazon Music, Spotify, Spreaker, and iHeart Radio.

I know there’s many ways to spend your time in the world of fiction but I assure you this is worthwhile. Any feedback or support you’re able to show will be greatly appreciated.

In other news, I am officially all out of publish-ready short stories! There’s one micro-fiction piece out there in a slush pile that I believe is defunct so my expectations are rock bottom for it. Every sentence I’ve been stitching together lately has gone toward my novel’s first draft, now over 42k. Just about halfway!

Keep turning the page,


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