Dear Diary, When I began taking classes on creative writing, one of the first pieces of advice I received was to begin the practice of journaling. Our instructor said, "Just start writing and see what comes out." She would also refer often to Natalie Goldberg's described methods of journaling in 'Writing Down the Bones'. It... Continue Reading →

Taking Classes

There is a large contingent of those within the community who say, "art can't be taught." While I agree that the creative side of writing is difficult to teach, there are so many other components to this craft which would be tough to learn otherwise. Some are naturals with all aspects of writing (editing, structure,... Continue Reading →

Finding Balance

Currently, it's Saturday morning. I have yet to use the gym, pack for an upcoming week of work-related travel, do chores, or shower. I also happen to have a 3 month old baby passed out on my chest and my wife took the opportunity to escape on a grocery run. The older I get, the... Continue Reading →


Welcome to my site! Full upfront disclaimer: I have no idea if I'm actually okay with a blog-style website but I'll take the leap anyway! In today's creative writing world, it seems that having a central location for readers to reference your work is almost mandatory. I'm sure I can find my groove eventually but... Continue Reading →

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