Taking Classes

There is a large contingent of those within the community who say, “art can’t be taught.” While I agree that the creative side of writing is difficult to teach, there are so many other components to this craft which would be tough to learn otherwise. Some are naturals with all aspects of writing (editing, structure, story, character, etc.) but I’m not one of them!

My writing interests began early. I started by writing small serialized pieces in grade school and wrote 1st drafts of two novels in my early 20’s. What followed was a decade-long pause from the art form because I really didn’t have a clue what to do next. It was only when I got to a point my career that it wasn’t necessary to have multiple jobs on the go at the same time that I felt the writing itch returning again. Unfortunately, everything I read from my previous efforts back then was just punishing to read again. I needed help.

So where did I turn to? Initially, I did my best to pick up tips and tricks from books and internet articles but that lacked a certain impact needed to make a noticeable change in what I was putting to paper. That’s when I found a Creative Writing certification program at a nearby university and began taking courses early last year. It’s been an addiction ever since!

I definitely recommend that other writers, whether just starting out or already established, find workshops, classes, or seminars to attend. Even meeting those who are just as into writing as you are is a very uplifting and motivating experience. For me, this has led to some new friendships and a wealth of people who are willing to share their thoughts and opinions on each other’s work. Only because of this, have I actually been proud of what I’ve been able to produce over the last two years.

Keep turning the page,


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