Dear Diary,

When I began taking classes on creative writing, one of the first pieces of advice I received was to begin the practice of journaling. Our instructor said, “Just start writing and see what comes out.” She would also refer often to Natalie Goldberg’s described methods of journaling in ‘Writing Down the Bones’. It felt weird at first, especially after realizing how decrepit my handwriting had become, but I stuck with it. That is, until I didn’t after a few months.

Having this blog is highly reminiscent of my attempts to journal, except with more edits and polish. I actually did enjoy it and kept telling myself that I’d continue again but the discipline never quite rooted in my daily life. It’s definitely a form of meditation and always felt good after finishing. It also allowed some of my stories to take a more realized form.

If I can muster up the courage (and time) to put entries again then I definitely will do so and I encourage any readers to do the same! In the meantime, I am aiming to keep up a weekly blog entry here, whether thematically or just a general update.

Keep turning the page,


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