Merry Christmas!

Hi readers, Thanks so much to all of you for a great first year of blogging! Its been a rewarding experience and I'm very grateful for everyone who's taken some time from their busy lives to read along. I've got plenty planned for 2019 with more stories and posts on the way. The blog posts... Continue Reading →

Point of View – First-Person

Over the next few weeks, I'll be discussing narrator point of views. This is also one of those decisions that need to be made when writing your first line of a prose. While you can lock down story beats and plot outlines, the point of view you decide on really fundamentally change how your story... Continue Reading →

Past Tense VS Present Tense

I wrote the following, or, I'm writing the following.... which is better? Once you start writing a new piece, this really is one of the first technical decisions that must be made. Is the narrator looking back on past events or experiencing the events in that moment? Past tense and present tense are the two... Continue Reading →

Introvert VS Extrovert

First off, sorry for the lack of a post last week! With so much going on, it may happen here and there during the winter but my goal is to keep on the weekly schedule. Now onto this week's post... December - daylight fades before dinner, snowflakes make people forget how to drive, and families... Continue Reading →

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