Introvert VS Extrovert

First off, sorry for the lack of a post last week! With so much going on, it may happen here and there during the winter but my goal is to keep on the weekly schedule. Now onto this week’s post…

December – daylight fades before dinner, snowflakes make people forget how to drive, and families dine like they are going into hibernation. Its also the season of office christmas parties. Break out your best attire and prepare your significant others with all the latest office gossip before arriving!

Events like these tend to be a litmus test for those wondering if they are, by nature, introverted or extraverted. I want to cover this today as I often reflect on MBTI personality types when creating new characters in my writing. The I to E scale is one of the 4 spectrums which make up someone’s personality.

Extroverts embrace the social life and thrive on interactions. A great, and most widely used, analogy is that of a battery and how its charged. Social events charge E batteries. If work has them stressed and they need to relax, its time to get together with friends or family. Their prevailing objectives tend to be expelling communication and influencing the world around them. Some people have the opinion that there aren’t many great extroverted writers, not true at all! Some examples of extroverted writers include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Tom Clancy, and Bret Easton Ellis.

Introverts, like myself, recharge that battery with quiet downtime. This doesn’t mean that someone whose an I hates social activities, but they will tire quickly from them. As well, an I focuses on being an observer of the world around them, listening as opposed to speaking. Some examples of introverted writers include Thich Nhat Hanh, JK Rowling, and George Orwell.

While I could go on, I’d like to suggest Quiet by Susan Cain for those whose like to learn more. In the future, I’ll cover the other 3 scales that make up MBTI personality types. For now, back out Christmas shopping.

Keep turning the page,


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