Welcome to my site!

Full upfront disclaimer: I have no idea if I’m actually okay with a blog-style website but I’ll take the leap anyway! In today’s creative writing world, it seems that having a central location for readers to reference your work is almost mandatory. I’m sure I can find my groove eventually but hang in there for these first few posts, they’re sure to be beyond clunky.

Anyway, my name is Chris Preston – Ontario resident, creative writer, corporate employee, budgie owner, ski instructor, husband, and now a brand new father. Periodically, I intend on providing an update on these various topics while spending the majority of my free writing time (what our 3 month old girl allows) continuing to create stories. With a bit of luck, they’ll populate my ‘publishes stories’ section at some point in the future.

Story creation is not my job but it’s an extreme passion of mine so thank you for taking an interest in my work. Feedback is always welcomed so visit my ‘contact’ section and drop me a line anytime.

Keep turning the page,


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