Publishing Update – Osprey

Readers, my post-apocalyptic short story, Osprey, went live at MetaStellar on September 1st!

Osprey takes place in Anchorage, Alaska, hundreds of years after advanced technology was abolished. Sinister forces conspire against the general population to raise the new gods from their slumber…

This publication is my first ever reprint, which is fitting as Osprey was my first story ever published. Other than several flash fiction pieces, Osprey is the shortest as well, being just shy of 1,500 words. It was previously posted on Ash Tales, but the creator has since removed all written short stories from the site. They now only feature podcasts and novels. This gave me a chance to go back and revisit Osprey, something I was more than happy to do as I’ve grown so much as a writer since 2018. Now, I feel the story flows much better, with sharper imagery, and more defined characters.

For a link to the story, click HERE

MetaStellar is an incredible online publication that hosts all manner of content, focusing on horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Posts go up daily for fiction, non-fiction, essay, and reviews, so there’s always new content to read whenever visiting. They even have a section called, ‘On Writing’ for all authors out there to get cool tips and tricks. Please check them out!

Whether you read it previously on Ash Tales or not, I’d appreciate if you did visit MetaStellar’s version. It’s short and packed with tension! If you do happen to give it some of your time, any feedback or support you’re able to show will be greatly appreciated!

In other news – one of my stories, Bloodhound, was an honourable mention over at After Dinner Conversation’s Summer Short Story Contest. I am so pleased by that! As well, I’ve had a different tale, Last Flight Out, picked up for publication. More on where it ended up soon.

Now, if only I could find my way back to this novel I’m supposed to be writing…

Keep turning the page,


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