Publishing Update – Creature Features

Readers, I’m thrilled to announce that my short story, Creature Features, is included in a new anthology from Hellbound Books Publishing – Monsters, Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!

Creature Features is a tale about Keith, a young corporate executive, who is eager to prove himself in front of his peers while at a company offsite. As Keith settles in, he realizes that even his most far-fetched expectations don’t prepare him for the twisted horror that awaits.

This piece represents the purest form of horror I’ve had published to date. It’s also included in my first ever anthology. In a folder on my computer somewhere is five or six other very similar stories, starring the same monster, but the stories never worked quite right. Especially within the constricting pages of a short story, I found it difficult to build an effective story and introduce a detailed beast at the same time.

Hellbound Books Publishing is an incredible independent publisher of Horror, focusing on both anthologies and novels. Working with their editor, Xtina Marie, was wonderful! What I appreciate the most from them (aside from their taste in stories, of course) is how accessible they make each book. You can buy print or digital from their website directly, or print, digital, and audio in so many other platforms. Check them out!

For their website, click HERE

For Amazon, click HERE

The audiobook version of this anthology is still in production but I personally am looking forward to listening when it becomes available on Audible. I’ve only ever heard myself and the Microsoft Word voice read my words aloud so this will be a different experience.

I know there’s many ways to spend your time but I can assure you that this is a worthwhile issue. Any feedback or support you’re able to show will be greatly appreciated!

In other news… I have two more short stories accepted elsewhere and awaiting publication! That leaves just one more polished short story being queried right now. Once (if) that one is picked up, all that’s left to do is continue writing my novel for the time being.

Keep turning the page,


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