Coming Soon – New Food Review Segment

A large part of my life now is food. It’s definitely one of the top priorities every day in our household. We eat healthy, as healthy as two people who can in the midst of raising a child under one year’s old. I make good use of the BBQ while my wife, Candice, has about 40 contraptions in the kitchen, implementing any number of them to whip up a meal she has planned out. Usually twice a week will be some form of take-out, whether its me picking up or an order from Skip The Dishes.

That hasn’t always been the case, not until I met my wife. When she met me, I had very little cooking abilities and always preferred convenience over quality. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy a good meal, I can be quite selfish when I find something I really like, but it just wasn’t something instilled in my childhood. Her love of all culinary crafts opened my eyes to so many dishes, flavours, and styles that I had no idea even existed.

As a brief Bio – Candice’s love of food is very much intertwined with her DNA, which itself spans across China, Southern Asia and Northwestern Europe. That melting pot of cultures allowed her to try all manner of foods growing up, and she still has an affinity for traditional Chinese food, as well as Trinidadian dishes (yup, she has roots there too!).

After attending University for Tourism and Environmental Science, College for Tourism and Travel and as well as fitting in some studies in New Zealand she was set to embark into the corporate world. Just she never accounted for not actually enjoying that realm. After some serious attempts at forced corporate enjoyment she succumbed to the inevitable, she enrolled in culinary school and became a certified cook to further carry out her passion that she had denied for so long. From there, she has gravitated towards the sweeter side of life, becoming a cook (although, I prefer the term Chocolatier) at a local chocolate and confectionery shop and she hasn’t looked back!

In an effort to keep this new blog really fresh and fun, my wife and I have decided to team up and bring you in on some of our food-related adventures that is so integral in our life. It’s a part of me that hasn’t been captured in this blog previously and I really hope that you enjoy it!

We’ve decided to call it “The Taste Test” and will publish our first one shortly. Its a fun one that is lined up, sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Cook on the bright side,


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