Publishing Update – New Short Stories!

So, I went from my normal bi-weekly posts about creative writing, food, or whatever, to these slew of updates on several short stories being published. It feels weird to break from routine! Maybe this is my fault? After all, I was the one who thought it was a good idea to query them all at the same time, rather than spreading them out.

Either way, here we are!

In total, three were made available to readers in the month of August. Aside from a piece of micro-fiction I have lingering in slush piles, these represent my last year’s worth of growth as a writer. Now that they’re all live, I wanted to ensure you knew where to look.

Below is a breakdown of where you can find each story. As always, you can also just click into my Stories page and select whichever one you want to read.

The Drive Home – General Fiction, published by STORGY on 8/5/2019. On the drive home from a camping weekend, Zack’s secret begins to manifest itself in unexpected ways to his girlfriend, Tiffany.

This is one of the few short stories I’ve written which contains no supernatural elements at all. Honestly, I wish more ideas like this came to me as I find they help me hone the craft a little better each time.

Beyond the Bay – Supernatural Fiction, published in issue 12 of SERIAL Magazine on 8/17/2019. A dead man finds himself in a new world with lurking danger.

At over 5,000 words, this story was truly an exercise in discovery for me. What it was supposed to be, how long it should be, and who we’d meet along the way? I had no clue when starting it. Ultimately, it’s become one of my proudest works to date, and hopefully one that people enjoy.

Deliver the Message – Science Fiction, published by Asymmetry Fiction on 8/19/2019. A man’s usual commute home through the Sonoran Desert is interrupted by strange visitors. They have a message for his son.

This was a joy to write, having been inspired by the Block Buster podcast, and always wanting to dabble in more speculative fiction. There’s plenty of my geeky side on display with this one.

Please know that feedback is very appreciated! Whether its a brief comment or a chunkier review, I’m always open to communicating with people who’ve taken the time to read my work. Post something here, tell me on Twitter, or email!

Next post will be back on track as I continue recapping the different story types available to writers.

Keep turning the page,


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