Publishing Update – Young One

Happy New Year, readers!

2020 has only just begun and I have another short story out in the world! Young One is now available in Issue #2 of Vaughan Street Doubles.

Young One is the sci-fi story of a burgeoning relationship between our planet and technology. It builds off many themes I’ve toyed with in the past few years, some of which you can see in my other published work. I also challenged myself to be more experimental with who my main character was.

Click HERE to start reading now.

Visit their website by clicking HERE

Regarding Vaughan Street Doubles, this emerging Canadian online magazine publishes quarterly, with a loose theme for each issue. I’ve enjoyed following them on Twitter since even before Issue #1! As well, I especially like lifting up the Canadian writing community so feel free to show your support to them as well.

While my focus remains on a larger writing piece, these shorter tales still sometimes take shape just quick enough to justify the distraction. I hope to get another few completed this year in what precious free time I seem to have these days!

Keeping turning the page,


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