Publishing Update – Garbage Day

I’m a little late to the party this year but… Happy New Year, readers!

In a year that is feeling much like a lazy sequel to the one before, I woke up today to see my flash fiction, Garbage Day, has gone live on 365 Tomorrows. What a nice surprise!

Garbage Day is a small tale about a daughter who gets to accompany her father on the impossible task of cleaning up their neighborhood after an apocalyptic event. At a brief 550 words, it’s the shortest story I’ve had published so far. While it doesn’t carry a strong narrative, the imagery of this world was really a blast to describe and I’m so glad it found a home.

Click HERE to start reading.

Just a quick note on 365 Tomorrows – they are a long-running online emporium of flash fiction, which was created in 2005. They’ve posted a story a day since materializing, all under a thousand words in order for readers to digest them quickly in this fast-paced digital age. They have tons of great content so I certainly suggest browsing their endless catalogue.

I have a couple more short stories circulating out there while plugging away on my novel. With some luck, they’ll also find some nice publishers to take them in!

Keep turning the page,


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