Publishing Update – It Was Always Temporary

Readers, I’m so excited to announce that my short story, It Was Always Temporary, is included in the March 2021 issue of Mystery Weekly!

It Was Always Temporary is about a hitman who takes on an assignment to make up for recent missteps. Is his loyalty in the right place?

Personally, I love mystery and thriller stories but I had been hesitant to actually give writing one a try. It took a bit of trial-and-error to come across the right kind of story I wanted to tell. Though, once this particular idea came to mind, it took no time at all to get it typed out. Of the several stories I have circulating through slush piles, I’m especially proud to have had this be the next one to find a home.

When it comes to mystery short stories, Mystery Weekly is one of the top dogs out there. They have a knack for finding truly suspenseful and interesting tales. I couldn’t be happier that a story of mine is now amongst their growing catalogue. The magazine itself comes in a variety of formats, I’ll list them below:

For print, click HERE

For digital, click HERE

Direct from their website, click HERE

And on Flipster, click HERE

I know there’s many ways to spend your money out there but I can assure you that this is a worthwhile issue. Any feedback or support you’re able to show will be greatly appreciated!

Keep turning the page,


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